200/20 Club

The 200/20 club, of Poplar Point Camp, is a group who support the camp in our effort to continue to make attending summer camp or retreat affordable for all and make the camp sustainable. The goal is to find 200 people who will commit to donate $20 a month. By having a source of income that can be counted on, outside of rental groups, we can more effectively and efficiently plan our annual budget thus enabling us to keep the cost of attending camp lower for all.


These funds that the camp receives are being used to do a multitude of improvements and upkeep of the property. We are constantly looking for ways to minister to youth and adults at camp by keeping our grounds and building in a high standard so that those who come to the camp can focus on their relationship with Christ and see Him more clearly.


There are many ways to donate:

·      Set up a monthly auto pay with your bank. (Most banks can help you set this up and it saves you the cost of a stamp each month!)

·      Monthly donation via a credit card.  See the bottom of the page for details, but please know it costs us 2.9% for this option.

·      Mail a check monthly to 35 Poplar Point Camp Road, Rockford, AL 35136


Of course, some people prefer to pay annual, semi-annual or even a different monthly amount into this club. Everything is appreciated and helpful to the ministry.


Click here to donate via Credit Card online through PayPal: