2019 is here!

Right before Christmas my family went up to Gatlinburg area to visit with some family. First, if you go that way during the Christmas season, go see the Christmas Stampede, it was a wonderful time. Though the point for this article is an event that occurred afterwards. I took my family over to a Krispy Kreme that had it “Hot Now” sign. If you have experienced this before you know how those signs can draw in someone without feeling tempted but this visit was going to be anything but normal.

We walked in the door and they were indeed churning out perfect little circles of delight and it was like a moth to a light for my kids to press their faces up to the window to watch these donuts come out. Then without warning the worker who was tasked with removing the mess up ones grabbed two and threw them at the window hitting it right in front of my kids. After a stunned moment they cracked out laughing seeing the huge smile on the workers face.

The surprises were not done yet, after the kids laughed and told everyone in our group how funny it was, we began to walk to the front counter to purchase a couple donuts that had not been thrown. When we got there our kids were greeted with another employee who handed each person a free fresh donut! Talk about making everyone feel special with a nice surprise. Many of you all know that we have a daughter who is allergic to gluten and dairy who would not take the donut as she knew she could not have it. We had to explain why she could not have a donut and you could tell the worker felt awful that our little 7 year could not eat donuts. We explained we brought in a desert that she could have while the rest of us had a donut. We purchase a dozen to eat later and sat down to enjoy the goodness that melts in your mouth.

But as we sat that employee brought Sarah a root beer in a fancy Krispy Kreme cup. It made my daughters night. Honestly, I was shocked at how wonderful they treated everyone who was walking into that location that night but they went above and beyond to do the same for our little daughter.

It was just a perfect reminder of great hospitality that can start with just a simple gesture but once in a while goes above and beyond to make people feel really important. While we at Poplar Point cannot throw donuts at people, I hope that everyone who comes here in 2019 will feel important and special. For each is special and important! I challenge you to do the same in your own life, just do something little for those around you today maybe it can open up avenues to share our great savior!


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