Fall 2020 update

Camp Update
God has sustained Poplar Point Camp, in ways that are incredible. The camp lost 5 weeks of summer camp and many weekends retreat this year but by God’s grace we continue to have operating cost provided. First, thank you to all those who continue to support us via the 200/20 club and those who took up the challenge from the camp board to raise $10,000 dollars to help keep the camp running. As of today, we have received, $9,022.47!!! (Only $977.53 short of our goal.) The camp also was awarded a $15,000 grant to cover the covid-19 losses. All this income does not match what we lost due to Covid-19 but with all the budget tightening the camp is in good place if groups begin to return soon.
We are now setting our sight on having the camp better than ever for a great 2021. We already have two new groups booked for next summer. When we couple that with returning groups, we once again should have a full summer camp season. Groups are booked for the spring with the hope and belief that Covid-19 will be a memory, or at least an issue that can be safely dealt with.
There have been some positives that are a direct result of having a slower 2020 camp season. There are some projects around camp that needed some extra attention that has received the time due as a result. We have pressure washed much of camp, removed dead trees/limbs. Construction on the addition of the new worship/meeting space in the gym is closing in on completion. The walls, electrical, insulation have all been hung and soon we will be hanging drywall and finishing out the room for use for spring 2021 groups.
As we have pointed out before, with the help of Auburn extension office, we believe that the dam and pond has been fixed. This year the pond has been filling and hold water higher than it has in years and it is believed that with more rain it should be able to become and stay full next year. We have already ordered the lime to balance the PH of the water. Then stocking the pond with bluegills will follow soon afterwards. Until the pond is ready for more species of fish.

We are really excited about the future of Poplar Point Camp and are excited to announce our first phase of improving the camp to make it one of the premier camps in Alabama. The board worked and prayed diligently for months on what we should do to position the camp to be the most useful for God’s glory. Attached is our first phase information sheet. Please share this information and join us in praying on how you can help impact the Kingdom through these improvement at Poplar Point Camp.

In Christ,

Travis Milhan
Travis @poplarpointcamp.com

2019 is here!

Right before Christmas my family went up to Gatlinburg area to visit with some family. First, if you go that way during the Christmas season, go see the Christmas Stampede, it was a wonderful time. Though the point for this article is an event that occurred afterwards. I took my family over to a Krispy Kreme that had it “Hot Now” sign. If you have experienced this before you know how those signs can draw in someone without feeling tempted but this visit was going to be anything but normal.

We walked in the door and they were indeed churning out perfect little circles of delight and it was like a moth to a light for my kids to press their faces up to the window to watch these donuts come out. Then without warning the worker who was tasked with removing the mess up ones grabbed two and threw them at the window hitting it right in front of my kids. After a stunned moment they cracked out laughing seeing the huge smile on the workers face.

The surprises were not done yet, after the kids laughed and told everyone in our group how funny it was, we began to walk to the front counter to purchase a couple donuts that had not been thrown. When we got there our kids were greeted with another employee who handed each person a free fresh donut! Talk about making everyone feel special with a nice surprise. Many of you all know that we have a daughter who is allergic to gluten and dairy who would not take the donut as she knew she could not have it. We had to explain why she could not have a donut and you could tell the worker felt awful that our little 7 year could not eat donuts. We explained we brought in a desert that she could have while the rest of us had a donut. We purchase a dozen to eat later and sat down to enjoy the goodness that melts in your mouth.

But as we sat that employee brought Sarah a root beer in a fancy Krispy Kreme cup. It made my daughters night. Honestly, I was shocked at how wonderful they treated everyone who was walking into that location that night but they went above and beyond to do the same for our little daughter.

It was just a perfect reminder of great hospitality that can start with just a simple gesture but once in a while goes above and beyond to make people feel really important. While we at Poplar Point cannot throw donuts at people, I hope that everyone who comes here in 2019 will feel important and special. For each is special and important! I challenge you to do the same in your own life, just do something little for those around you today maybe it can open up avenues to share our great savior!


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Fall 2018 Newsletter

My family and I moved to Poplar Point Camp just over two months ago and I have been fascinated to learn the history in how God has blessed this camp in so many ways over the past 35 years. One thing that grabbed my attention was a sign on one of the old pieces of photography in the dinning hall. It was a picture of an army style tent with cots inside with a post that labeled the area the “Back 40.” It reminded me of my camping days as a kid, sleeping a crude cabin that had a tin roof and mosquito netting for the windows because in Florida you had to do something to keep them away as you slept. I cannot imagine campers coming to cabins like that anymore but people where tough and determined to come both my childhood camp and Poplar Point because of the ability to get away from the busy world and seek out God in a place like this. Those who have worked here at Poplar Point have made this place a ground set apart for God to be able to do incredible ministry and we all are blessed by their hard work. Both those who lived at the camp and those who come down and volunteer countless hours to keep it running and looking good over the many years. It is impressive to look at the great facilities such as our wonderful air condition gym and then ponder to how far we have come from since the “Back 40.” Which leads me to ponder what God has in store for Poplar Point Camp in the future so that we can continue to minister to the  next generations to come. This place is truly special and I look forward to seeing what God does here. I look forward to seeing and greeting you personally at Poplar Point Camp one day soon! Travis Milhan  

Summer 2018 News

The Poplar Point Camp Newsletter

Summer 2018


Evelyn Bozeman, 1930-2018

July 19th, just two days before her 88th birthday, Evelyn Bozeman went to be with her Lord. 

Those of you who were in the Southern District in the 1970’s and 1980’s may remember Rev. Bob Bozeman and his wife Evelyn. Bob pastored Mt. Olive Alliance Church for many years, as well as Lillian Alliance Church, and built several churches throughout the district. Together the Bozemans were instrumental in the founding and building of Poplar Point Camp in the 1980’s. They also did all the camp cooking for the first several years of Alliance camps.

“Grandmother,” as most of us knew her by, was best known for taking care of people. She opened her home to many people over the years, and cooked thousands of delicious meals for others. In fact, if you’ve eaten at Poplar Point Camp in the past, you’ve probably eaten food prepared from one of her recipes! Some of our favorites were sweet rolls, roast beef and gravy, peanut butter balls, and yeast rolls.

Evelyn is survived by three children, 11 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

The 2018 Alliance camps marked 35 years of Alliance camps at Poplar Point Camp!

The 83 acres of camp property were purchased by the district in August of 1980. In 1981 the building formerly used to house the Sylacauga Alliance Church was moved to the camp to be used as its chapel. 

The mortgage for the land was paid off in 1983, and construction began on the Pavilion (now Redwood Lodge). It was dedicated June of 1984, and the first camps were held that year. Campers slept in tents donated by Toccoa Falls College. The Pavilion was used for kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms, and services were held in the chapel. 

That first year, there weren’t many activities on site, so the campers ate supper at 4 pm, and then rode in buses to the Sylacauga city pool to swim!

In 1985, the swimming pool was completed, followed by the girls’ dorms in 1986, the kitchen and dining room in 1987, and the boys’ dorm in 1988.

God has been so faithful to Poplar Point Camp over the past 35 years, and we look forward to seeing what He has in store for the next 35!

From the Board:

Rob and Leah approached the board during the January meeting to let us know that they felt the Lord telling them that their time at Poplar Point was ending. Rather than give a two-week notice, they said that they would be willing to stay until such time as we found a replacement. How do you replace a couple that has done so much for and are such a part of camp? Turns out it takes a lot of prayer and a lot of hard work!

The Lord provided many qualified applicants. Three candidates stood out above the others. In July, the board met with the one we felt was best qualified. After meeting together, the board unanimously asked Travis Milhan to be our new Executive Director. Travis accepted!

Travis has a degree from Toccoa Falls College in Youth Ministries (Outdoor Ministries) and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University specializing in Leadership. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have three children: Josiah (8), Sarah (7), and Naomi (5) and live in Euharlee, GA. Travis has a wide range of camping ministry experience including beginning Pursuit Ministries that he directed for nine years before going back to school for his Master of Divinity. (Brewster Road youth used Pursuit Ministries!) Travis and Elizabeth view this as a team ministry much as Rob and Leah did.

While no one on the board wanted to see Rob and Leah leave camp, God can and does use change for good. The camp is so much better today than it was when Rob and Leah came! Travis will come to camp the last part of August and is already looking at ways to increase the off-season usage of camp. We anticipate by the January board meeting that Travis will have many recommendations for the board to consider!

To the Alliance campers, Rob and Leah are camp. At Kids Camp, word quickly spread that Rob was “selling the camp.” Please realize that Poplar Point is God’s Camp. We want it to be a tool to draw not only children but adults to Christ. We are excited to see God’s hand in this transition process!

We ask you to join us in prayer for Poplar Point, the Milhans, and the Blanchards.

Poplar Point Camp Board

From the Blanchard family:

It has been an honor to serve as your camp director family for the past 13 years. We were led by God to this ministry, just as we are now being led by Him elsewhere. Words cannot express what a privilege it has been to meet each of you, get to know you, and serve alongside you here at Camp. We have made friendships that we know will last a lifetime, and even an eternity! 

Thank you, from our hearts—for your love, your prayers, your support for us and for the camp, for caring for our children (especially Birmingham International and Ensley Alliance!), and for your friendship.

Poplar Point Camp

35 Poplar Point Camp Road

Rockford, Al 35136

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