Covid-19 2020 Challenge

We have a chance to raise $10,000 for the camp with a matching $5,000 gift! Will you help keep Poplar Point going?

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, Poplar Point Camp has a large financial deficit this year. Because of Covid-19 camp has already had 8 groups who have either cancelled their week of summer camp or weekend retreat. With the fact that summer camp typically brings in 70% of our annual budget thus the timing of Covid-19 is hurting the camp badly.

The Board of Directors of Poplar Point Camp believe in the value of the ministry and the urgency of the current financial situation.  The Board Members have decided to challenge you to donate.  The board members themselves have pledged $5,000 as a match for gifts coming into the camp to offset this crisis.  What does this mean?  For every dollar that is donated, the board will match that dollar, up to a total of $5,000!  This means that your donation will effectively be doubled!  Why not help meet this challenge?

If you normally send a camper to Poplar Point – Consider sending a portion of your normal amount. If 100 people would send us $50 we could match this challenge.

Ways to help Camp:

First, if you donate, this money will go into the general operating budget to supply the needs to keep the camp open. We know there are many who also are having financial difficulties; however, any amount will be appreciated.

Second, you can share this page with others who you know who may or may not personally know Poplar Point Camp. We encourage you when you share to tell others how this camp has positively impacted your own life and why donating to the camp is worth their funds.

Third, continue to pray for our camp. We had a huge summer lined up and was excited about beginning to work on other big projects to increase the effectiveness of the camp. Covid-19 will not slow our goal at Poplar Point Camp, which is to impact others for Christ, so join us in praying that the camp will be full of groups soon.

Thank you for all of your support and love for Poplar Point Camp! We believe the future is still incredible here at camp and this is just a short-term financial issue as it is with many other non-profits and camps.