Fall 2018 Newsletter

My family and I moved to Poplar Point Camp just over two months ago and I have been fascinated to learn the history in how God has blessed this camp in so many ways over the past 35 years. One thing that grabbed my attention was a sign on one of the old pieces of photography in the dinning hall. It was a picture of an army style tent with cots inside with a post that labeled the area the “Back 40.” It reminded me of my camping days as a kid, sleeping a crude cabin that had a tin roof and mosquito netting for the windows because in Florida you had to do something to keep them away as you slept. I cannot imagine campers coming to cabins like that anymore but people where tough and determined to come both my childhood camp and Poplar Point because of the ability to get away from the busy world and seek out God in a place like this. Those who have worked here at Poplar Point have made this place a ground set apart for God to be able to do incredible ministry and we all are blessed by their hard work. Both those who lived at the camp and those who come down and volunteer countless hours to keep it running and looking good over the many years. It is impressive to look at the great facilities such as our wonderful air condition gym and then ponder to how far we have come from since the “Back 40.” Which leads me to ponder what God has in store for Poplar Point Camp in the future so that we can continue to minister to the  next generations to come. This place is truly special and I look forward to seeing what God does here. I look forward to seeing and greeting you personally at Poplar Point Camp one day soon! Travis Milhan