Fall 2020 update

Camp Update
God has sustained Poplar Point Camp, in ways that are incredible. The camp lost 5 weeks of summer camp and many weekends retreat this year but by God’s grace we continue to have operating cost provided. First, thank you to all those who continue to support us via the 200/20 club and those who took up the challenge from the camp board to raise $10,000 dollars to help keep the camp running. As of today, we have received, $9,022.47!!! (Only $977.53 short of our goal.) The camp also was awarded a $15,000 grant to cover the covid-19 losses. All this income does not match what we lost due to Covid-19 but with all the budget tightening the camp is in good place if groups begin to return soon.
We are now setting our sight on having the camp better than ever for a great 2021. We already have two new groups booked for next summer. When we couple that with returning groups, we once again should have a full summer camp season. Groups are booked for the spring with the hope and belief that Covid-19 will be a memory, or at least an issue that can be safely dealt with.
There have been some positives that are a direct result of having a slower 2020 camp season. There are some projects around camp that needed some extra attention that has received the time due as a result. We have pressure washed much of camp, removed dead trees/limbs. Construction on the addition of the new worship/meeting space in the gym is closing in on completion. The walls, electrical, insulation have all been hung and soon we will be hanging drywall and finishing out the room for use for spring 2021 groups.
As we have pointed out before, with the help of Auburn extension office, we believe that the dam and pond has been fixed. This year the pond has been filling and hold water higher than it has in years and it is believed that with more rain it should be able to become and stay full next year. We have already ordered the lime to balance the PH of the water. Then stocking the pond with bluegills will follow soon afterwards. Until the pond is ready for more species of fish.

We are really excited about the future of Poplar Point Camp and are excited to announce our first phase of improving the camp to make it one of the premier camps in Alabama. The board worked and prayed diligently for months on what we should do to position the camp to be the most useful for God’s glory. Attached is our first phase information sheet. Please share this information and join us in praying on how you can help impact the Kingdom through these improvement at Poplar Point Camp.

In Christ,

Travis Milhan
Travis @poplarpointcamp.com