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Send your camper email here!

Remember it is delivered at lunch. Cut off is 9am each morning. We have some suggested things to say and not to say listed below, to make your camper happy!

Campers love to get mail!

We encourage you to send campers mail (or email see below) However, we want you to know a couple things to help out. First, mail even from just a county over can take multiple days to get to camp. So, we have two suggestions; first mail the cards, letter or packages early and write by the campers name the date you want us to give it to them. We will hold the mail until that day’s lunch. Second, is if you drop off your camper on Sunday drive over to our mailbox, we have a black drop box that you can drop off all the letters you want to send (and save a stamp). Again, we suggest you write a date by the camper’s name for the day you want it to arrive at lunch. Address for camper mail is 191 Poplar Point Camp Drive, Rockford, Al 35136.

One suggestion on the amount of mail or email:

We suggest just one or two pieces of mail per day at the maximum from all friends and family. Not all campers will get mail so, if you want send more, consider sending a card or package to your camper’s whole cabin or living group to brighten the day of all the campers that your kid is becoming friends with.

What should I say (and NOT say) in my letters emails?

Remember that mail from home can remind campers that they are still connected to their family even while away at camp. So, tell your camper what you’ve been up to, remind him to wear sunscreen, and tell her you can’t wait to hear all about the fun they are having. On the other hand, it’s probably best not to include news that will make your camper wish he or she was at home.

If your camper is homesick, you may be tempted to ask how they are doing and remind them that they can come home early if they want. That is a sure-fire way to spark your camper’s homesickness, even if he was feeling fine all day! Most campers are over their homesickness by Monday morning, so it is best to not focus on it. If a camper is still homesick after the first night we will be in contact, if you have not heard from us, then your camper is doing great.

Instead of focusing on homesickness, consider focusing on all the fun your camper is having at camp. Tell them that you can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday, and remind them how proud you are that they are at camp! Focusing on the positive goes a long way to helping campers work through their small feelings of homesickness if any has remained after the first night.

How to Email Campers

We have a way for loved ones to email their campers during the week. Visit THIS WEBPAGE (will be available here in Summer) to send an email. Each morning at 9am we will print out all the emails from the past 24 hours and will deliver them along with the regular snail mail at lunch. Remember campers will not be able to reply and they will be receiving the email on a paper print out.