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What is Summer Camp like at Poplar Point Camp


To truly become something – an athlete, an artist, a mathematician – takes more than study; it takes practice. Camp is an immersive experience of practicing Christian faith together in ways that translate to all aspects of everyday life. We put all our effort into greatness– whether in the pool or at the chapel, the gym or around the dinner table – is about forming faith and friendships.

Campers stay in cabins, eat in the dining hall, worship in the chapel, play on the field and in the pool. What changes lives though is experiencing the entire week together with their small group where campers are accepted and loved for who they are and encouraged to live out their faith together in new ways that translate to their lives back home.

Camp is a traditional sleep-away camp. Upon arrival, counselors welcome each camper into his or her Living Group from similar aged campers. In the livings group there will be 2 counselors and 8 to 12 campers who experience the week together as a Christian community.

On weeks which there are both 7-11 years olds and 11-18 years olds at camp, campers will have their own unique schedules. They will have different speakers, different chapels and doing activities with only other campers of their age group. There will be two exceptions, when we have specialized all camp activities, such as communion. The other will be every afternoon during ‘camper choice time’. Sunday evening campers will get to choose an afternoon ‘choice time’ that they might not get to do at any other time. Example activities are archery, advanced arts and crafts, team games (Basketball, soccer, etc), hiking.


Some of the core experiences typically found on a living group’s schedule are morning and evening chapel, as well as common living group activities such as swimming, gym games, slip and slide. There are many unique experiences as well. Each session concludes with communion and a time to celebrate the faith-forming fun experienced together at camp.

Below is one example of a camper schedule. Times will be a bit different based on age groups. Campers will be separated during the week by the two age groups unless we have an “all camp activity”. There will be two different Chapels, two different actual meals times, separate swimming times, etc.